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In  Smoke & Fire News, Matt Merta said of Kent Courtney "For many years he has released tapes and CDs of period music that can be ranked as some of the best and most authentic interpretations… Courtney does strive for authenticity in his work and with Garryowen, he is probably the best at it today."

A quick check of Kent Courtney's page on the Internet Movie Database shows a resume that includes many high-profile listings.  As an actor, Kent Courtney has appeared in numerous  History Channel favorites, such as "Stealing Lincoln's Body", the Civil War Combat series, and "April, 1865".

As a producer and director, he has worked on "The Sabers and Roses Civil War Reality TV Show" and dozens of commercials and hundreds of live productions.

Kent Courtney is also author of Returning to the Civil War, Grand Reenactments of an Anguished Time, and a nationally recognized authority on the Civil War, with reviews and regular advertising published in Smoke & Fire News, Camp Chase Gazette, Citizens' Companion, Civil War News, Southern Living, and other magazines and newspapers throughout the country.  The Ozarks Mountaineer said "This is altogether a fascinating book." 



Music and more...

In music, movies, TV and on the internet, Kent Courtney is the essence of history...

Kent Courtney

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